Steel industry investment locations 2012+

by amkotas

Steel consultants MCI have prepared a map showing the locations of ~175 steel industry investments that are expected over the period 2012-2016. See chart below.


The map illustrates several points.

  • A major focus on investment in coastal locations, especially in the Americas, in India and in China
  • Relative little investment in some regions such as Canada, the African continent, Western Europe, Scandinavia and Australia
  • Emphasis on investment in steel distribution in inland locations (USA, Europe)
  • A marked geographic focus of investment in India (31 investments from ~175), China (30 investments), Russia (27) – with investment in Iran (10 investments) prominent also and seemingly little investment (relatively speaking) in Brazil (3)
  • Much emphasis [despite the financial crisis] on investment in upstream plant (61).

For further information about historic and future steel industry investments, contact Metals Consulting International or see steel capex database.

See here for original copy of the steel capex geography chart shown above.